The making of the Ninja Jersey

Thu 21st Jun 2018 - 3:07am

Releasing our jersey for 2018 was no easy task. 

We are pleased to finalise our design, after months of reviewing design portfolios and speaking with potential apparel providers. We are excited to showcase our team jersey for 2018 designed by Australian company Wear ADV.

WearADV partnered us with designer TJ Bird to help create a clean and professional design to launch our return to the APAC Esports scene. 

The design fits well with our dark black and red theme; the pattern on the front of the jersey flows with our mascot logo. The faded lines give the jersey a nice texture that would otherwise be plain.

The shoulders have the WearADV logo on the left and the custom designed Ninja text on the right. The Australian flag will be present on the left sleeve by default but players will have the opportunity to represent their country of origin.

The back of the jersey from the top has the "" URL, the Ninja text and option of a custom gamertag. The rest of the back creatively has the Ninja mascot enlarged with plenty of space for potential sponsors. 

Overall we are very happy with our collaboration with WearADV and thank TJ Bird for providing us with a fantastic design.

The 2018 Official Ninja Esports Club jersey is coming soon to the WearADV store, stay tuned for news of the release.





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