Ninja Enters Fortnite

Sat 11th Aug 2018 - 1:54am

Ninja are both pleased and excited to announce that we have dropped into Fortnite. The Oceanic scene for Fortnite scene has been something Ninja has been wanting to jump into and now was the best time, with the ever-growing scene of Oceania in Fortnite we wanted to make our mark!

So please join us in welcome the Ninja Fortnite lineup!

⚔️ Rivz - Manager - 
⚔️ Medzok - Captain - 
⚔️ Jemo - Core - 
⚔️ Lantz - Core - 
⚔️ Meekhaa - Core - 
⚔️ Shottawa - Sub - 
⚔️ Kules - Sub - 






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