Ninja Competes in Rainbow Six Siege Challenger League Series

Fri 20th Jul 2018 - 10:07am


Our Rainbow Six Siege Team has been hard at work preparing for the Challenger League series, This players that represent ANZ and Ninja Esports Club, have been grinding the hours and back to back scrims, the dedication this team has not only to themselves and to Ninja Esports but to Rainbow Six Siege is exciting. 


We're excited for them to compete in this challenger league series as it is a pathway to make it to Pro League, 1st place will be automatically moved into Pro League while the 2nd place of Challenger League and 7th place of Pro League will battle it out for the spot in Pro League. Our team is dedicated and motivated to reach their goal of Pro League, we're behind them all the way to help them achieve this goal.


Message from the Captain

Ninja has been around for a month and a half now, we started off as Exiled after the fall of Mother of War, where Papa, Driveby and Fragz were Core, we where preparing for Challenger league back in Mother of war and our Drive never changed so I began the team Exiled with both papa and Driveby, we recruited 4 great new additions to our team to make them way stronger, Extra, Loona, Eazzy and Sock, as well as an old mother of war coach Sleepdot and a new Coach Whippa, and since then we have been playing and practicing strats and scrims non stop to better ourselves for this Challenger league season and hopefully Pro league Season to come, we have been training hard and have the determination to make it far within the competitive scene. GO Team Ninja!!!!!!!!


Please join us in supporting our players in the Challenger League Series


Fragz - @VectaFragz 

Papa - @PapaR6_ 

Loona - @Y00NATIC 

Eazzy - @Ayersy_Ayers 




Extra - @Extrashot3

Soch - @Soch_GG



Sleepdotexe - @sleepdotexe_ 

Whippa - @Whippa_NJA




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